Teenager wins prize for using Office

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A student at Sawtry Community College in Cambridgeshire has become world champion at using Microsoft Word 2007, earned a few thousand pounds. It’s nice to have it in your resume, but my concerns became true when I saw his words about all of this: “There’s no other way to prove you know exactly what you’re talking about, without certification.” and “Certification is validation you know what you’re doing.”

Well, it might be true if you are planning to work for a fast food restaurant or even any of the fast food restaurants of the IT sector. Using a software is like washing the lettuce. Mindless, boring work. A talented people shall not be happy earning something what is so depend on a software giant like Microsoft.

If that young boy won thousands of pounds just for using a word processor, then this 5 young talent should have won millions at Festival of Code #YRS2013: http://hacks.youngrewiredstate.org/events/YRS2013

Indeed, they won something else: community recognition, which is in my opinion way much more valuable than anything money can buy and software companies should honour this kind of talent instead.