I wish I had access to this information before embarking on my journey with OpenBSD. I spent quite some time tinkering with login classes and adjusting memory allowances to ensure that my essential daily software could run on my computer. However, I encountered a notable performance issue, with Firefox taking approximately 30 seconds to start up. It took me a while to identify the right parameters to tweak in order to achieve the level of speed I was accustomed to with Linux.

In the spirit of sharing, I’m providing my configuration here in the hope that it may prove helpful to others as well.

Always remember to thoroughly understand the purpose of each parameter, as their optimal values may vary depending on your specific configuration and processor.


# Enable hyperthreading

# default: 1310
# default: 7030
# default: 1950
# shared memory settings
kern.shminfo.shmall=536870912    # default: 8192
kern.shminfo.shmmax=2147483647   # default: 33554432
kern.shminfo.shmmni=4096         # default: 1024

After these settings alone, the desktop performance feels a lot faster. Firefox starts under 3 seconds, for example.