How do we compare

In the past 20 years, Sandor saw the inefficiency in all kinds of software development agencies that is due to the different understanding and language the traditional corporate layers are using. He invented and perfected the Managerless Development Workflow that was proven to be succesful for years. We are all developers who love what we do. You don’t pay for the luxury car of our CEO, no useless meetings, no wasted money. Only quality code as expected.

Your usual eCommerce Agency Us
Average developer experience 5 years 10+ years
Cost of a simple API integration (example) $ 20 000 $ 8 000
Delivery Time frame 3-6 Months 1 Month
Contact flow Sales team Project Manager Lead developer Junior developer Lead Developer Team
Direct contact with developer
All developers certified
Client has to pay for Salary of CEO
Sales team
Office building
Dev Team Salary
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