Magento eCommerce offers in Glasgow

I’m a freelance Magento developer, and I have been around since 2004. From analysing the requirements for your eCommerce web design to planning, developing and supporting your site, I have skills you’re looking for. I’m staying in the Glasgow area.

Magento is the leading and fastest growing open source eCommerce platform. According to Google, the term “Magento” is searched more frequently than the term “e-commerce.”

Getting the maximum out from this platform requires the skill and experience of a certified developer. I can customise every element of your eCommerce store such that it represents your brand adequately and make you ready to sell in no time.

Reasons to chose Magento for Ecommerce

Open Source

With open source software like Magento, the platform is not limited to what the vendor thinks you need. Hundreds of thousands of developers and users are continually working to innovate new features and enhancements, and to improve the software’s security. In general, the more the people who have access to the code, the more likely it is that we will look for a solution for a problem. The answer is just a matter of how efficient we are in looking at search results.

Highly Customizable

Magento was built with the idea that developers could easily create themes and custom functionality, based on requirements. With my expertise in eCommerce and Magento, I can extend Magento with one step checkout, a product preview, mega menu, custom navigation, and gift cards. I can also integrate Magento with any existing CRM or ERP systems. Orderwise, Sage, payment gateways and any shipping methods or analytics and marketing tools. Thanks to Magento’s extendibility, implementing these features are quick and easy.


Magento is suitable for businesses of any size, ranging from the smallest businesses to multi-national corporations as well. Whether you are launching your first online store or re-building and improving it, Magento will grow with your business, whether you have 50 or 2 million product SKUs.

It’s Mobile Friendly

Today, most eCommerce stores are getting more than 70% of their sales on mobile. While desktop and laptop traffic are still significant, the mobile experience of an eCommerce website is the most important. That’s why I believe in a mobile first approach when developing a Magento eCommerce store.


As of February 2022, more than 389,464 businesses trust the Magento platform, including some of the world’s leading brands. The Magento community has more than 300 Solution Partners, 4500 certified developers and a vibrant community of innovators, agencies and experts who can offer help if for some reasons you are not happy with your current provider. A Magento developer in Glasgow, like Sandor can answer your questions about its pros and cons, help you design an online store that perfectly represents your brand, and offer maintenance and support to run your eCommerce business most efficiently. Tell me more about your business today!

Industries I serve in Glasgow

  • Fashion
  • Jewellery and watches
  • Science and technology
  • Food and hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Business and Industry