Introducing my development tools

1 minute read

Many thanks for my customer’s patience. They waiting and waiting for my emai response against their bug reports arrived to my email address. Too much bug report and feature request was arrived. Every morning, when I getting to work, sitting to my chair and checking my address i said “Suck, what a huge number of boring emails”.

Before all, my small IT company growth and my customers wanted to do several modifications and improvements for their sites. It was good and wished to happened more often, but the infrastructure was missing. I’m able to tell, and it is a very good happening: my system is done and can accept feature requests, bug issues and the wiki will documenting my all projects under development. And perhaps; I have more time to moving the old OpenOffice documents to the new infrastructure. Wow, it’s very good and easy to manage. My customers will getting better solutions more often.

Here some links to my new sites:

* Wiki (for documentation)
* Mantis BT (bug tracking and feature requests)
* GIT (version tracking)

Normally, my public GIT repositories will show only public projects.

Some words about GIT: it is not visible, but the most important thing over all. It is used as my code backup, tracking my all work and helps a lot. If I want to go back to a previous version of my program or a source file, it is easy to do. Before using git, I do a backup every 1-2 day and can’t go back to a version 1-2 hours before. With GIT it is possible. Very useful thing and there isn’t a real programmer without any version control system. :)