Fight for Scottish Independence, but not for the republic!

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Just surprised how many people supports the democracy without being know what really is it. I’m not a big fan of the British monarchy, because it is a weak kingdom today, but I’m a supporter of real kingdoms. First, clarify I’m not British, just arrived to learn and work in the UK last year from Hungary.

I’m very keen about Scottish independence and by the way, every nationalistic ideas, but the democracy and the republic does not fit well for Scotland. And please, do not fight for democracy or Scottish republic, because Scotland has it’s own, traditional system: Kingdom of Scotland. It was solid and existed nearly one thousand years, so there is no reason for fight for an irreversible, false and anyhow, alien and destructive system. Just learn from Hungary. We had a rich Kingdom with the same parameters as yours country in the end of the 18th century. We belonged to the Hungaro-Austrian Monarch. After the second world war, things went wrong and the reds capitulated our country, made the worst thing ever with my loved country. They called it “Republic of Hungary”, “Democracy”, “Socialdemocratism”, etc. But this system is an opposite of life, happiness and kingdom. Democracy is a disaster, the Republic never gets better than the original and traditional system. It is completely wrong from it’s roots and I feel it is just a temporary state, not a solid, loved system. Democracy is an awkward. Why? Because it is defining the mass on the top of the quality. In simple words: why an alcoholic vote equals than a PhD vote? I think this is the reason for why disqualified, talentless persons can be voted to the democratic Parliaments.

And again: republic is not the traditional system for Scotland, but Kingdom it is. Fight for your independence, but not for democracy and republic.