Paragliding in Scotland.

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Paragliding in Scotland offers some of the most scenic and challenging flying anywhere in the UK. Compared to the bureaucratic laws in Hungary, the UK has very permissive against the paragliders and hang-gliders as well. I was very surprised, because no licence required to fly in the UK. The site access thanks to the Land Reform Act & the Scottish Outdoor Access Code is very easy. Everybody with non-motorized vehicles permitted to do they own outdoor exercises such as dog-walking, mountain biking and paragliding as well. Does not matter who owns the field of grass where sheeps or cows grazing. Just keep away from closed gardens belongs to houses and planted fields. Of course, do not disturb the animals, take the care for the environment. These kind of things are regulated in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code:

"Access rights are exercisable above the surface of the land and so extend to non-motorised air sports, such as paragliding. By their very nature, many of these activities require the use of hilltops and escarpments. Maintain good liaison with relevant land managers at well-used launching and landing points. Take care not to alarm wildlife or farm animals and avoid damaging crops. If you wish to set up a landing point, such as for an event, contact the relevant land manager(s)."

This weekend we went to Tinto Hill with our dog, my 2 years old was simulated the weight of a paragliding package sitting on my neck while climbed the hill. The wind was very gently, constant without any stronger blows in the morning and little bit stronger approx 3’o clock. The hill itself is free from any trees, bushes or bigger stones, just soft weed and grass. Flyable on all sides of the hill. It would have been a perfect day for soaring, but I didn’t own a package yet. It was a great walking by the way:

The height over the sea on the top of the hill is standing at 707m. The car park is standing at 200m. Tinto Hill is the largest and most prominent landmark in the upper reaches of the Clyde Valley and stands in complete isolation. For this reason, in good weather it provides excellent views through 360°. Tinto Hill is just 20 minutes away by car from our house. It’s marvelous!